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A flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. In the 2010's, flyers range from inexpensively photocopies leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-color circulars. Despite all the new means of digital marketing that have come out, flyers have stood the test of time and still has got what it takes to get word out quickly and for a fraction of the cost. Flyers are used by individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations or governments to: Advertise an event such as a music concert, nightclub appearance, festival, or political rally. Promote a goods - selling businesses such as a used car lot discount store or a service business such as a restaurant or massage parlor. Persuade people about a social, religious, or political message, as in evangelism or political campaign activities on behalf of a political party or candidate during an election.

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