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One of the most popular items to add to your line of stationary products for your business is the good old-fashioned envelope. Adding a logo to an envelope can work a treat for your business.  Printech Australia   can print envelopes for your business, which are consistent with all your other office stationary. Printed envelopes add a more professional look to your business. Printech Australia  has a large array of envelope options to pick and choose from. From DL, DLX, C5 or even C4 or B4 envelopes. You also have a choice of either a window face or plain face envelope. If that’s not enough you can also choose the type of seal you want on your envelopes. Choose from either lick & stick or peel & seal. For high quality and cheap business envelopes, Printech Australia  is second to none.

DL Envelopes also work great for your next direct mail campaign. Contact hpp today for more information on direct mail and how we can help you reach your customers more effectively. Order online today!

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