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International Printech Strength


From state-of-the-art pre-press equipments to the latest colour printing machines - we have the optimum infrastructure that ensures maximum quality and efficiency. More importantly, we have the flexibility to keep track of the ever-evolving world of printing technology. International Printech   boasts a technocrats and skilled workforce who make use of technology and human skills to deliver printing that precisely meets your expectations, deadlines and budget.


With a capability of mono-to-Multi Colour printing at speeds up to Thousands impressions per hour, we have the capacity and the redundancy built into the system to handle your largest jobs in the quickest turn-around time. Besides our traditional facility, we also have a fully digital pre-press department and a full-service bindery that add to our quality, speed and efficiency.


We also act as your logistic partner - putting together printed materials, packing and delivering the same to anywhere. Only International Printech    can provide you with best-quality printing services, as we adhere to the most stringent global quality standards with emphasis on safety and the environment.


•    Two Color Heidelberg
•    Roland Blue
•    Bobst auto platen Cutting Machine
•    Crossland Manual Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
•    Pular Paper Cutting machines
•    Ultra Violet Coating Machine
•    Auto Carton Pasting Machines
•    Sliting Machine
•    Generator 110 KVA
•    Windows Patching Machine

As and when the construction of more and more areas of the plant reaches completion and
the demand for further expansion rises, more hardware will be added.


A joint venture of International Printech & Feroz Amin Trading Establishment


Mission Statement:

Providing high quality packaging materials to the Middle East Countries.