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Import & Trading

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Import & Trading

         The shortfall in availability of paper and board in the local market is met by Printech through the import of our requirements from all parts of the globe. This practice, while providing us with a competitive edge in pricing our products as well as ensures a ready supply of materials. Any excess quantities are fed into the local market through our sister concern, M. Rafi & Sons,  located in the main paper market of Lahore. Our stocks are stored in our self-owned warehouse, where the storage capacity is in excess of 200 tons.


The Future


         With the clear objectives of sustained growth and continued investment in new technology, training of human resources and a sensitivity of  the future developments of our Clients’ business, we intend to stay at least two steps ahead of our competitors.

To find out more about what Printech can do for your specific requirements, please visit our website or call our office close to your place of business.