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Printech Machinery

•    2-colour Heidelberg

•    2-colour Roland Record

•    Single colour Rolands

•    Single colour Solnas and Rotas

•    Contact Frame and Automatic Plate makers

•    Art Camera

•    Ultra Violet Coating Machines

•    Two Heidelberg Cutting & Creasing Machines

•    Two manual Kirma Cutting & Creasing Machines

•    Auto Direction folding machines, specially used for pharmaceutical packaging


•    125KV Roserice standby power generator

The Printech Printers has its own well-equipped workshop and thus setting aside time taking outsourcing issues all the repair and maintenance works of the machinery are carried out expeditiously at the own facility, which greatly helps and guarantees, on top of service, meeting the targets apace with deadlines and thereby ensuring delivery of jobs to the clients on time.


All work has to eventually pass through our Sorting & Quality Control Department.