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Over 130 Years of Progression


            The history of Printech begins in 1880, when the iL.B.N Printing Press was founded at Moti Bazaar in Dehli Gate, In 1920, Malik Mohammad Rafi re-established the New Modern Press on Chamberlain Road in Gowalmandi, where the main business was derived from The Lahore Office of the American Center and The American Consulate.


               It was after Malik Mohammad Saleem Joined the establishment in 1962 that New Modern Press generated fresh revenues by obtaining the customer of Wyeth Laboratories and Schering pharmaceuticals immediately after his joining. Progress continued at a steady pace and we look back with great pride at the time between 1962 to 1980 as one of consolidation and slow but, sure-footed growth. A time when we not only established ourselves as a reliable and dependable business partner but more importantly, it was a time of learning modern business techniques and processes as well.


              There usually comes a time in the lives of many companies when their managements have to decide to meet the competition head-on or to slowly disappear into oblivion. Such a time for New Modern Press arrived in 1980. It was in this year that the well-established and successful name of New Modern Press was changed to Printech.


              In 1997 Malik Muhammad Bilal joined the Arena. He gave the boost to Printech by leaps and bounds. The new name was meant to connote the vision of the management in their decision to modernize and expand the operations of the company and to inform all concerned of our resolve to not only to continue to stay in the business but, to bring about a totally new approach and mind-set to the way we wanted to keep up with the latest technological advancements and business development taking place at an ever-growing pace across the globe.

In 1962, Malik Mohammad Saleem entered into the arena. This fusion of his energetic and aspiring blood greatly contributed to further smooth sall toward the destination of fruitfication. Travail, unflinching faith of the brass (the founders) in themselves, coupled with acute dedication and commitment crowned the journey towards turning new milestones. New patrons like Wyeth Laboratories, Scherring Pharmaceuticals etc ornamented sheen of the clientele.
Progressively marching forward the 1962-1980 era witnessed consolidation and pride taking growth. This was the time when the New Modern Press had successfully earned the name of credible business partner in the profession. More importantly, by the time, the establishment could also equip itself with modern techniques and processes that had taken shape in the business field.
Time strikes and certain companies land into hot waters. At this crucial juncture, encountering tide of the time, agile managements of the entities successfully steer the ship out of turmoil and harbor it whereas the fragile ones meet the dooms day. The New Modern Press was nevertheless a fortunate entity which blossomed and fragmented it with the name of Printech  .
The Noisette aimed at translating dream of the management into reality and thus to connote the vision successfully took leap forward, modernized and expanded operations of the company thus bringing about a visible change of new approach and mind-set apace with the latest technological advancement and business development taking place at an ever-growing pace across the globe and thereby live up to the expectation of our esteemed patrons.